How to create your Shopify eCommerce Website

How to create your Shopify eCommerce Website

G’day fellow “in lockdown but soon to be re-opened” business owners.

I trust you’re settling into the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully if your business is still open, things are going reasonably well for you. If not, I trust you’re looking really hard for ‘post-virus’ opportunities including eCommerce.

If you haven’t read my previous article, “Surviving COVID-19 As A Small Business Owner”, check it out HERE before you dive into today’s tutorial.

Now that you understand the opportunity Shopify offers your business, let’s look at exactly how you can make it happen.

My 40-minute tutorial below explains everything, from registering your business on Shopify’s website to opening your online store for business.

And it can be done in less than two hours!

If DIY is not for you, no problem! We can do it all for you with our ‘Ultimate Shopify‘ package, just get in touch.

Here’s your chance to not just survive in a post-virus market but potentially thrive with a whole new source of sales income.

Jon Fitzgerald
Think Web